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Photonics and Laser Engineering: Principles, Devices, and Applications

Alphan Sennaroğlu

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In-Depth Coverage of Photonics and Laser Engineering
Written by an internationally acclaimed expert, this comprehensive volume provides the background in theoretical physics necessary to understand practical applications of lasers and optics. Photonics and Laser Engineering Principles, Devices, and Applications discusses theories of electromagnetism, geometrical optics, quantum mechanics, and laser physics and connects them to relevant implementations in areas such as fiber optics, optical detection, laser resonator design, and semiconductor lasers. Each chapter contains detailed equations, sample problems, and solutions to reinforce the concepts presented.

Photonics and Laser Engineering covers:

Electromagnetic wave theory of light with applications
Geometrical optics
Laser beams and resonators
Classical and quantum theories of light-matter interactions
Laser technology, including optical gain, oscillation, solid-state lasers, Q-switching, and laser mode locking
Semiconductor lasers
Anisotropic media and modulation of light
Dielectric waveguides and optical fibers
Nonlinear optics and the Raman effect

Yılı: 2010
Yayınevi: Mc Graw Hill Education
ISBN: 978-0071606080

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