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Turkey and the European Union

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These papers examine the history behind Turkey’s application for EU membership. The contributors tackle the thorny issues of Cyprus, Turkey’s attitude towards a common defence policy and Turkish parliamentarians’ views on the nation’s relations with the European Union.

Introduction, Barry Rubin; chronology – Turkey’s relations with the EU, Ozgul Erdemli; domestic politics, international norms and challenges to the state – Turkey-EU relations in the post-Helsinki era, Ziya Onis; towards a European security and defence policy – with or without Turkey?, Esra Cayhan; the Cyprus obstacle on Turkey’s road to membership in the European Union, Semin Suvarierol; the question of asylum and illegal migration in European Union-Turkish relations, Kemal Kirisci; human rights, the European Union and the Turkish accession process, William Hale; the intellectual roots of anti-European sentiments in Turkish politics – the case of radical Turkish nationalism, Nergis Canefe and Tanil Bora; Turkey’s slow EU candidacy – insurmountable hurdles to membership or simple Euro-skepticism?, Gamze Avci; who wants full membership? characteristics of Turkish public support for EU membership, Ali Carkoglu; Turkish parliamentarians’ perspectives on Turkey’s relations with the European Union, Lauren M. McLaren and Meltem Muftuler-Bac; implementing the economic criteria of EU membership – how difficult is it for Turkey?, Mine Eder; conclusion, Ali Carkoglu.

Yılı: 2003
Yayınevi: Cass
ISBN: 9780714654027
Sayfa Sayısı: 273

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